Colors – 0 to 255 will find you darker and lighter colors based on any color – Coolors is a really handy tool for instant color scheme generation – Beautiful linear web gradients with easy CSS3 crossbrowser code— free for use.  – Blend any two colors into a seamless gradient

FONTS…ree-fonts/ – Free, unique type faces brought to you by one of the most innovative design competitions on the web – A mastery of typography isn’t for everyone, this tool will pair complimentary fonts together and remove the guesswork – But if you do decide typography is for you, this free web course will set you up for success – Need inspiration for a header type face? This random generator will give you a myriad of font options in your phrase of choice.

TOOLS – Invision Studio is our personal favorite and prototyping tool of choice. – Adobe XD is another free alternative to Sketch built by Adobe.

FUNCTIONALITY – will generate all sorts of lists for filling in data in user focused designs – Generate names, real user avatars, addresses, and more with this handy tool – Instant logo search is just what it sounds, search and download thousands of logos instantly

PHOTO – I’m sure many of you know Unsplash but as a personal favorite of mine, I couldn’t help but add it to the list for those who haven’t fully discovered the power of beautiful imagery in their designs.

ILLUSTRATIONS + ICONS + GRAPHICS – Blobmaker will generate fun blob accents that you can customize the size and complexity of. Great when your project needs that little extra something! – is a an open source illustration generator that allows you customize and export useful graphics! – Looper is a handy Sketch plugin that allows you to create elaborate patterns in an instant! – Free icons. Need I say more? – A free mix & match illustration kit by Sketch – A free library of spunky avatars you can mix & match to hearts desire! – Same!  …but robots. – Just an elaborate library of funky patterns free for you to use~ – Cool backgrounds will generate those cool backgrounds you never know how those graphic artists come up with – Customize and generate complex 3 point geometric patterns

PRESENTATION – At Kaeles, presentation is everything. We believe in showcasing hard work, and rotato’s 3D presentation tool does it best.

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